Not Just Another Miracle Food

Between all the boosters, balancers and super-duper foods out there, most snacks have forgotten about the one thing they’re actually meant to do — give people something good to eat. That’s where we come in.

Our Philosophy? Good Taste Matters

We believe that sometimes people just need to eat something that’s going to make their day better. Something that’s carefully crafted for no reason other than to enjoy.

At International Delights, we’ve been serving up simple, everyday joy with our baked goods for over 30 years. What started with an obsession to create from scratch the perfect filling to bake into our premium pastries, eventually led to a relentless pursuit for the ultimate complement to spread on our pastries and other snacks. With just a few yummy, all-natural ingredients and a dash of sweetness, our on-the-go spreads keep snacking simple and transform any treat into something a bit more delightful. No claims. No fancy overpromises. Just simple, high-quality spreads that you’ll love to eat on everything.


Retailers & Distributors

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